Montini Catholic follows a service-learning program, believing that a well designed program can move service to a whole new dimension. Service can strengthen young people’s faith, but they may not make that connection without some help. Service learning is an educational movement that helps translate academic learning to the real world. The core components of service learning are authentic service, structured reflection, and integration with a subject to be learned. Service, with the inclusion of structured reflection, can help students learn about God’s personal presence in the world and about the specific vision of God represented by Catholicism. Students are required to complete at least 10 hours of service in the greater community per school year. 

Please visit the Community Service Opportunity webpage for a listing of current programs that are in need of volunteers.

Students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service per year for a total of 40 hours in order to graduate.  Students are asked to submit hours above and beyond this requirement. In an effort to have students do a variety of service as well as concentrate on service to the marginalized of the world, we have divided hours into three categories.

  • Montini: Serving the Montini Catholic Community:  ex.: fashion show, sport camps, development, auction, ushering,  anything run by Montini Catholic
    • Students may have only 5 hours TOTAL for all 4 years maximum
  • Extended Community:  Serving the larger community and parishes around us: ex.: camps at grade schools,  teaching Religious Education, Village Festivals, Tutoring,
    • Students may have only 15 hours TOTAL for all 4 years maximum
  • Marginalized:  Serving those on the fringes of society.  This may include people who are economically poor as well as spiritually poor:  Ex.; Elderly, Handicap, PADS, Shelters, Food Pantries, Feed My Starving Children, Easter Seals, etc.
    • Students must have a MINIMUM of 20 hours in this category for graduation

What doesn’t count towards Service Hours?

  • Working at parent’s place of employment- even without pay
  • Babysitting
  • Walking a neighbor’s dog
  • Shoveling driveway/raking leaves
  • Any work done for your family including extended family
  • Helping with liturgies:  Lectoring, Eucharistic Ministers, Singing, Ushering

Other General Information:

  • Students must complete and turn in a service hour form for each activity they do.  It is not acceptable for coaches/moderators to turn in a list of students for an activity.
  • Forms should be submitted within 30 days of participating in the service
  • Student’s 10 yearly hours must be completed by Aug. 1 in order to be eligible for sports in the fall

Questions about Community Service hours should be directed to Mr. Mike Blanchette