Extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations play an extremely important role in the overall development of the Montini student, as well as contributing greatly to the quality of life in and around the school. The relationships and camaraderie our activities foster and the general feeling of goodwill they create help give the school a distinct personality and a vitality that carries over into the lives of all involved.

Come to the campus day or night, weekday or weekend — even during the summer months — and you’re likely to see the lights on, cars in the parking lot and a group of Montini students taking part in one activity or another.

Because of the small size of the school and the large amount of activities that we offer, 92% of our students are involved in at least one extra-curricular endeavor. We strive to ensure that students graduate as well-rounded students, who are active in a variety of activities, and will continue to remain active throughout their collegiate years.