Please read the following regaring the Family Directory and Safehouse Pledge and then complete the information form below.

The online Family Directory, which can be found on the Rediker Portal, is to be used as a reference an source of information by all our families. The purpose of this directory is to provide parents an opportunity to communicate about rides, activities and discuss concerns with other parents and families.

We feel it is important that there be open communication so that each parent can know what other parents/guardians believe and support. It is also important to know that others value the same things and are wiling to work together for a common purpose.

The issue of alcohol and drug use is important to all parents, yet each family must find its own way to deal comfortably and effectively with this issue. To truly help in this program, the parents of Montini Catholic students must ensure that their children are experiencing environments consistent with their own beliefs.

As Safehouse parents you would agree to:

  • allow parties or gatherings in our house only if we are present to properly chaperon
  • no serve or allow alcohol or drugs to be consumed by minors in our homes or on our premises
  • communicate with other parents or adult chaperones to ensure that the parties or gatherings attended by our children will not include the presence or consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • cooperate with school administrators and public agencies in ensuring compliance with school policies and public laws regarding alcohol and drug use
  • welcome calls from any parent whose child is planning on attending an event in our home and will share our expectations for the event at that time.