Mrs. Jennifer Block, Department Chair
Ext. 126
BA North Central College
1st year at Montini Catholic
Mrs. Elizabeth DiMarco
Ext. 146
BA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.Ed University of Notre Dame
3rd year at Montini Catholic
Mrs. Nora Kinney
Ext. 125
BA Universidad Panamericana (Mexico City, Mexico)
MA Concordia University
20th year at Montini Catholic

In today's ever-changing and multi-cultural world, the study of world language is an essential tool in understanding the complexity of our society and the people who live in it. At Montini Catholic, emphasis is placed on several aspects of learning a foreign language: culture, the written language, and the verbal/oral language combined with everyday conversation. Particular attention is paid to grammar because it serves as an effective tool for the literate learner of a second language.  Students will have opportunities to use computer software, videos and Internet access to enhance and further reinforce the study of the target language. The enrollment in a world language in high school is a crucial and significant step towards successful admission into a major university or college. All students are required to take two consecutive years of the same world language. The following courses are offered in the World Language Department.

French Courses

  • French I & Honors French I
  • French II & Honors French II
  • French III & Honors French III
  • French IV & Honors French IV
  • Honors French V
  • Advanced Placement French Language & Culture V

Spanish Courses

  • Spanish I & Honors Spanish I
  • Spanish II & Honors Spanish II
  • Spanish III & Honors Spanish III
  • Spanish IV & Honors Spanish IV
  • Advanced Placement Spanish IV
  • Honors Spanish V
  • Advanced Placement Spanish V

Chinese Courses

  • Chinese I
  • Chinese II
  • Chinese III
  • Chinese IV